NQT Induction (Twynham Learning MAT Schools)

All NQTs completing their induction at a TL school over the course of AY2021 will be entitled to the following minimum level of entitlement as outlined below:

  • Schools will abide by the statutory guidance for NQTs -https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/696428/Statutory_Induction_Guidance_2018.pdf – including 10% reduction in timetable
  • A mentor (subject specific for secondary NQTs) who you will meet with on at least a fortnightly basis to provide challenge, assistance, guidance and support.
  • One lesson observation with developmental feedback on a half termly basis completed by either the mentor, professional mentor, senior leader or Headteacher.
  • A professional mentor who will oversee your induction in the school in which you are working and who will be responsible for completing your end of Autumn and Spring Term formative assessments and end of Summer Term summative assessment.
  • Submission of your end of term assessments to the Appropriate Body, Ringwood Teaching School in our case. This will be centrally managed by the Teaching School on behalf of all Twynham Learning schools.

Guidance at the end of your NQT induction with regards to the Twynham Learning RQT programme and opportunities within the trust for further growth and development.

Mentor Training

Training for all mentors and professional mentors supporting TL NQTs will take place at Twynham Learning in late Summer Term 2020/very early Autumn Term 2020.

Professional Themes

The entitlement provision outlined above will be supported by a programme of NQT appropriate professional themes seminars delivered by experienced primary and secondary phase practitioners from across the MAT. Please see the hyperlinks below for full details.